Manual Wide format Cold Laminator

No need to heat, no motor driving, no auto rewind shafts.

Available in 1000mm, 1300mm, 1600mm, 1700mm, 2040mm model.


  • 39", 51", 63", 67", 80" Maximum working film width for your option.
  • 5" bigger rollers for best quality laminating control. Maximum nip opening up to 1" for a wide material range of film and substrate.
  • Easy operation
  • This Series Wide format manual cold laminator is designed for mounting and laminating inkjet prints, but is equally capable of handling photographic or any printed media.


This Series cold laminator is used for after printing. Available for photographic, Ad. Shop and copy shop to do lamination work, adding a protective layer on books cover, photographic, color pages, documents, charts, drawings, indoor advertising products, etc.

Applicable Laminating Medium:

Photopaper, self adhesive PP, backlit film or transparent film.
ModelSM1000 SM1300 SM1600 SM1700SM2040
Max SpeedN/A
Max. Laminating Width 1000mm / 39" 1300mm / 51" 1600mm / 63" 1700mm / 67" 2040mm / 80"
Roller's Diamater90mm / 3.5" 90mm / 3.5"130mm / 5.1" 155mm / 6.1" 155mm / 6.1"
Max. Laminating Thickness15mm / 0.6" 15mm / 0.6"23mm /0.9"25mm /0.98"25mm / 0.98 "

Guarantee & Aftersales Service:

  • Comprehensive guarantee for one year.
  • 7*24 hour technical support by email, online message or calling.
  • User-friendly English manual for machine using and maintaining
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